What is it?

While many correctional tablet products include educational classes and rehabilitation offerings as part of their suite of paid services, NCIC has chosen to provide our program as a completely free educational system, a gesture of gratitude to those who utilize our communications products.

Empowering Students with the RISE Method

How it Works?

NCIC’s Schoolhouse platform is all about empowering students to see incarceration as an opportunity for a fresh start. Our courses are designed with care to support the residents who may be dealing with mental health challenges, grief, anxiety, or addiction. By offering these meaningful programs through our innovative platform, we provide inmates with a wide range of educational resources and personal development opportunities. Our goal is to help them gain knowledge, develop new skills, and build a foundation for a brighter future beyond their time in incarceration. And the best part? Our platform helps reduce the likelihood of reoffending, making our communities safer. With our seamless integration of user IDs and communication tools, accessing our platform is a breeze for students. They can effortlessly log in and explore all the features and resources available to them.

We are breaking barriers education and rehabilitation with NCIC Schoolhouse: The RISE Method— a learning management system that brings hope, knowledge, and transformation to incarcerated individuals. Through our innovative method titled RISE (Restoration through Incentives, Skills, and Education), learners can embark on a remarkable journey of personal growth and skill development while earning rewards for their dedication. One exciting feature of The RISE Method is its unique reward system. For every class a student completes, they earn "Gem(s)," a virtual currency, that unlocks a world of entertainment within the platform. These "gems" can be exchanged for valuable rewards, such as access to a vast library of captivating podcasts, inspiring TEDtalks, engaging radio shows, and so much more. This innovative approach not only encourages inmate engagement with the educational content but also serves as a motivational tool, inspiring them to actively participate in their own learning journey. At NCIC, we believe in transforming lives and creating brighter futures.

NCIC's Schoolhouse platform brings together an extensive collection, organized into key courses

Over 1,000 Classes and Videos:

  • Work Skills
  • Parenting
  • Anger Management
  • Addiction Awareness and Control
  • Managing Anxieties
  • Substance Abuse
  • Communication Skills
  • Building Confidence
  • Time Management
  • Computer Skills
  • Religious Programming
  • Language Programs
  • Math Skills
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Recharge for Reentry program, facilitating meaningful communication between detainees, their families, and friends
  • Arts and Music for Therapeutic Purposes

With NCIC’s Schoolhouse, inmates can embark on a path of personal growth and development while earning rewards for their academic accomplishments. We aim to empower individuals to gain knowledge, cultivate new skills, and lay the groundwork for promising futures outside of incarceration, all while effectively reducing reoffending rates within our communities.

Prepare for a seamless educational experience with NCIC's Learning Management System (LMS). Not only does it grant agencies the flexibility to upload their own classes and content via URL links or SCORM files, but it also seamlessly integrates them into our RISE Method module, providing students with unparalleled opportunities to unlock rewards and seize additional learning prospects. This groundbreaking approach not only encourages inmate engagement with educational content but also serves as a motivational tool, inspiring active participation in their own transformative learning journey.

Schoolhouse Testimonials

"Started using NCIC's tablets on September 8, 2023. Since that date we have had 9,138 self-enrolled courses and 1,409 completed courses with certificates awarded. We have had a major success with the number of inmates who appear to want to use the SCHOOLHOUSE program to better their situation and themselves...The programing is user friendly and support for issues is phenomenal. I would recommend any facility to use NCIC and their SCHOOLHOUSE program over the competitors and their systems."

Administrator Everette M. Wilkerson
Sheridan Detention Center

Schoolhouse Team

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