NCIC Inmate Communications

About Us

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

NCIC was established in 1995, making us the longest running Telecom carrier in the Inmate Telephone industry. Long before our competitors even thought about centralized, secure infrastructure, NCIC was providing telecom carrier services via centralized VoIP platform in the U.S. and 55 other countries. The Inmate Call Engine, offered by NCIC, has been tested in the harshest prison environments in the world, making it the only world-class inmate telephone system.

Amidst all the Federal Communications Commission and State regulatory upheaval in the inmate phone industry, NCIC’s foundation, conservative values, is increasingly realized within the governing sector, both from the regulator and prison administration point of view. The ICE platform was built by our customers’ real needs and not unproven resource-consuming products. NCIC understands your budgets are limited, so our goal is to give you the right tools to maximize your staff time, while increasing the security of your inmate phone system. We always provide the right tool for the right need, helping you work smarter and not harder.

NCIC’s goal is to ensure a stable, worry-free inmate phone system and a great relationship with you and your staff. As a byproduct of your satisfaction with our family-friendly system, we anticipate a long-term relationship with your jails as we have with all of our jails.

So, let’s go far together!

NCIC Sales Team

Bill Pope

Global Opportunities

Bill Rounds

Missouri Regional Sales

Clay Stewart

Sales Manager
Alabama and Florida Pan Handle

Craig Storer

Regional Sales Manager
Western States

Douglas Morgan

Regional Sales Manager
Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma

Frances L. Schultz

Strategic Sales Consultant
United States

Jeffrey Walters

Director de Ventas
Sudamerica (South America)

Jeremy Walters

Director de Ventas
Centro America (Central America)

Jimmy Langford

Sales Representative

Joseph Walters

Regional Sales
Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Mexico

Lindsay Babenco

Southwest Regional Sales
New Mexico and Arizona

Martin Gonzales

Sales Representative

Mitch Folsom

Sales and Field Service
Georgia and Florida

Paul Hunt

Sales Representative
North Carolina and South Carolina

Scott Baniecke

Director of Sales

Terrell Green

Sales Manager
California and Oregon

Wayne Yarbrough

Sales Manager

Client Testimonials


Lt. Wes Deen

Goshen County Sheriff’s Office
Thank you to NCIC Inmate Communications for having an outstanding system. My deputies and I are enjoying the easy operation of the system, much simpler than the previous system. The calls are clear and the inmates love the fact that they can call for less money. I would also like to say that tech support always answers the phone and emails if questions arise without delay. NCIC has been a pleasure and professional to work with while we switched to their system. I look forward to working with NCIC for a long time to come.


Coosa County Sheriff's Office
Since my tenure as Jail Administrator of the Coosa County Jail, I have worked with 3 different Inmate Telephone Providers. While all started strong, NCIC has proven to be the one that lasts, and sticks to their word. Mrs. Schultz and the NCIC Team are extremely easy to work with and have met and exceeded all expectations. I WOULD HIGHLY recommend that any Agency wanting to increase functionality as well as receive a stable commission truly based on calls choose NCIC.


Shelby County Sheriff's Office
We have been very pleased with not only the services we receive from NCIC, but the quick response to any inherent issues that we may come across. Over the past few years, we have developed a close working partnership with NCIC and as a result, the end product we have gotten from NCIC has far exceeded our expectations. We look forward to the continued relationship with NCIC.


Gregg County Sheriff's Office
This system has exceeded my expectation. It combines advanced equipment and software in a user friendly format. The staff is professional providing prompt efficient service.