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Video Visitation Services


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NCIC Video Visitation Platform

The NCIC Video Visitation Platform is built, serviced, supported and maintained by NCIC Inmate Communications.  This allows NCIC to offer support and equipment that is second to none while keeping rates and fees low and affordable for family members.

NCIC Inmate Communications offers the following services through our NCIC Video Visitation Platform and more:

Off-Site Video Visitation

Convenient access for family and friend visitation

On-Site Video Visitation

Access to individuals without direct visitation

Video Arraignment

Reduce inmate transport costs

Live Monitoring and Recording

Monitor visitations in real-time

Facial Detection

Verifies the presence of the visitor’s head and shoulders in the video session, to avoid lewd behavior

Inmate Request Tickets

Organized inmate grievances, requests, & medical inquiry

Commissary Ordering

Interfaces with all commissary providers via kiosk or phone system

Law Library

Paper-free access to legal literature


Secure and Searchable

Facility Handbook

Easy access to the facility handbook

Downloadable Forms

Easy, paper-free access to important facility documents


Improves ability to comply with PREA

Secured Database

Account data is protected in a secure database

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