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Customer Support

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Sheriff Maxey Cerliano
Gregg County Sheriff’s Office – Texas

“This system has exceeded my expectation. It combines advanced equipment and software in a user friendly format. The staff is professional providing prompt efficient service.”

Sheriff Kevin Lake
Panola County Sheriff’s Office – Texas

“NCIC has provided an advanced system with not only tremendous customer service and timely, accurate commission payments, but benefits for my entire department, especially my Jail Division and Criminal Investigation Division.”

Wayne Dicky, CJM, CCE
Jail Administrator, Brazos County Office of Sheriff – Texas

“I have been impressed with the quantity of information available in the user friendly call platform. The software makes it easy to manage system users and conduct investigations. The staff at NCIC have provided prompt and courteous service.”

Warden John Kleiner
Escambia County, Alabama Detention Center

“We have been very pleased with not only the services we receive from NCIC, but the quick response to any inherent issues that we may come across. Over the past few years, we have developed a close working partnership with NCIC and as a result, the end product we have gotten from NCIC has far exceeded our expectations. We look forward to the continued relationship with NCIC.”