Clayton County

9157 Tara Boulevard
Jonesboro, Georgia

Inmate Services

Inmate Calling


Deposit Now

Add funds to a Prepaid Collect Account (allows inmate to call to phone numbers authorized by the account holder) or directly to an Inmate's phone account (Inmate can call any number).

Add funds to Trust Account

Trust Accounts

Deposit Now

Inmate Trust Accounts (essentially a bank account for the detainee) is used to purchase snacks, personal care products, postage and other items.

Schedule a Video Visit

Schedule a Video Visit

Many facilities have eliminated face to face visits, so the only way you can see your love one or friends face is via an On-site Video Station located at the jail or off-site on your phone, tablet or computer.

How to put money on an inmates trust account

After selecting Make a Commissary Deposit, you will be able to do an inmate Search to find your family member or friend.

  • Select Make a Commissary Deposit
  • Select the first letter of the inmates last name or Search for the inmate if you know the imate's PIN number.
  • Select Inmate
  • Press continue to confirm Inmate selection
  • Type in billing information