Neosho County Jail

402 E State St
Erie, Kansas

Neosho County Inmate Phone Calls

With NCIC, adding money on your phone for calls is easy. To Set Up an account call +1 (800) 943-2189 or make a NCIC Deposit online by clicking below.

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Benefits of setting up a NCIC Account for Inmate Phone Calls

  • Calls will connect to cell phones
  • Account can be used for more than one detainee
  • Inmate Voicemail (allows you to leave messages for detainee)
  • You have access to fund your account online, through our automated phone system or with a live customer service agent 24/7

Two Account Options Available

NCIC provides the opportunity for inmate phone accounts to be created and minutes purchased through multiple payment solutions.

How do i put money on my phone for inmates to call?

PREPAID COLLECT: NCIC prepaid collect account option, allows a friend or family member to put money on their phone for inmates to call. Every time calls are made and accepted to a prepaid number, the charges are deducted from the account. Prepaid accounts can be setup for all types of numbers, including cell phones. Friends and family should visit or call 8009432189 to set up a Prepaid Collect account today!

How to add money to an inmate phone account?

Inmate Deposits onto a Phone Account: This option puts the inmate in control of their phone account. They will be able to purchase time from the commissary, which they can then use to call family members and friends.

Family Members and friends may also be able to purchase phone time for an inmate’sphone account via NCIC by selecting “Add funds to the inmate's phone account” through NCIC.CA.Once the payment has been made, the amount is credited to the detainee and maybe used to make phone calls to any allowed phone number. Inmates can call anyapproved phone numbers, including cell phones, with their inmate phone account.

For any questions regarding our calling options, family members and friends should call NCIC at 800-943-2189

Note:  Not all facilities allow Inmate Phone Account deposits via NCIC. In this case the inmate may be restricted to purchasing time from the commissary.