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The Total Inmate Communication Solution

The ICE Platform

NCIC offers everything your facility will need to help keep inmates in contact with their families. From inmate phone systems to video visitation, tablets and kiosks, inmates will be able to stay in contact with their families while allowing you to monitor and control what takes place in your jail.

Investigative Tools

The NCIC Inmate Call Engine Platform is designed to be user-friendly and still give each facility the cutting-edge features that are needed to monitor inmate communications and protect your citizens. NCIC believes that inmate communications are a key tool in helping law enforcement investigate and solve crimes. The Inmate Call Engine allows you to monitor calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week from any location that has internet access. The easy to use platform allows any authorized agency you select to have access to your inmate communications.
With NCIC Inmate Communications you are offered, but not limited to, the following investigative tools:<br />
Call Briefcase

Save phone calls to your customized Briefcase folder to monitor and share at a later time.

Email or Burn Calls to a Disk

For intra-office use or for other agencies.

Allow Access to other Agencies

Share your system in order to monitor and download calls themselves.

Google Maps Lookup

Addresses associated with Friends and Family Account Setup are automatically located on Google maps.

Alert Call Monitoring

Select alerts to allow covert live monitoring from your cell phone.

Crime Tips Alert

Set up a speed dial where Inmate/CI can call and leave a message for jail staff or investigator.

3-Way Call Detect

Each phone call is continuously monitored by computer software and if a break in the call is detected then it is flagged as a possible 3-way call.


Set alerts that can be inmate specific and/or phone number specific. Receive real-time alerts through email and/or text.