NCIC Inmate Telephone Services

Rates and Tariffs

Billing Cost Recovery Fee

In order to partially offset increased expenses associated with billing calls via local exchange carriers, a billing cost recovery fee may apply each billing period in which local or long distance collect calls are billed through a Customer's local exchange carrier. This fee will be charged only once per billing period regardless of the number of calls. The fee will not apply in any billing period in which no collect calls are billed via the Customer's local exchange carrier. This fee does not apply to prepaid services paid for by commercial credit card, check, money order or wire, or for services billed directly to the Customer by the Company.

Billing Cost Recovery Fee, where applicable: $ 2.95

Regulatory Assessment Fee

The Regulatory Assessment Fee is a monthly charge per line assessed, on LEC-billed calls, to the end user for costs associated with regulatory proceedings and filings, compliance with regulatory orders and mandates, and administration of federally mandated taxes and surcharges.

Monthly Recurring Charge $ 1.99

For additional tariff information, please visit NCIC Rates and Tariffs.