NCIC Inmate Telephone Services

Real time Internet Based Inmate Reports

Real Time Internet Based Reports (Call Detail)

I.C.E. is a centralized switching and computing environment that provides centralized reporting on a real-time basis.  The Call History Tab provides access to most reports and to all call data, including recordings.  I.C.E.’s powerful Call History tab provides the search, reporting and sorting requirements to easily find any completed or attempted call.  Quick search shortcuts allow administrators to search for calls “today” “Last Month” etc.  All call attempt and completion data is accessible for the life of the contract.  The tab provides access to call recordings and call notes as well.  The grid populates automatically with call details that match the Selection Criteria.  If there are no calls displayed in the grid, then no calls match the selection criteria.  I.C.E. refreshes this grid automatically when a user tabs to the next Selection Criteria field.  I.C.E. provides a Live Monitoring tab that is very similar to the window below except that the call grid is populated with calls in progress.


  • Search for calls and call attempts using the Selection Criteria fields.  The call history grid displays call details for calls matching all Selection Criteria.
  • Listen to call recordings by clicking on the Listen hyperlink.  Audio begins streaming using Internet Explorer.  There is also a Live Monitoring tab which provides a list of the currently active calls to make live monitoring easier.
  • Save calls (including call details and call recordings) to an investigative briefcase by selecting a record and clicking on the Add to Briefcase button.  Select a call or calls by clicking on the checkbox in the far right hand column or select the entire page of calls by clicking on the checkbox in the header row.  Clicking the Add to Briefcase button will display a pop-up menu of existing briefcases.  Select a briefcase to store the calls and recordings or select New Folder and type a new briefcase name.
  • Export the list of calls and create reports by clicking on the Export button and selecting a format.  Call reports can be saved as pdf documents or imported into other programs as a text file (.txt) or into Microsoft Excel (.xls).
  • Enable/Disable inmate phones by clicking on the Location hyperlink. 
  • Create alerts by clicking on the Inmate Name, Inmate PIN, Destination Number or Location hyperlink.  Open the Alert tab and create an alert.
  • Generate an Inmate PIN or Security Code and manage inmate phone restrictions including block and allowed lists by clicking on the Inmate Name or Inmate PIN hyperlink. 
  • Block a telephone number, turn call recording on/off and see detailed information about a telephone number by clicking on the Destination Number hyperlink.
  • Create notes about a call by clicking on the Note hyperlink.