NCIC Inmate Telephone Services

Real Time Call Live Inmate Call Monitoring

Real Time, Live Call Monitoring

I.C.E. provides one of the most advanced call recording strategies in the industry.  All calls will be stored on-line for a minimum of 7 years.  These recordings are stored on digital hard drives and not off-line media.  All calls are recorded from our central processor, located in a secure, highly-available data center in Longview onto a RAID-5 disk array.  The calls are backed up real-time to one of the largest data backup and recovery companies in the world, Iron Mountain.  Iron Mountain stores the calls at two geographically diverse, highly secure and highly available data centers.  Once I.C.E. receives confirmation that the call has been stored in both Iron Mountain data centers, the call is available for deletion on I.C.E. servers (but isn’t necessarily deleted).  The call recordings are always available to listen and download anytime through the ICE software, whether the call is physically stored in Longview or at the Iron Mountain data centers.  Note that the recordings are ultimately stored in at least two different data centers.  The following diagram provides an overview of this system.