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NCIC Inmate Telephone Service

Originally established in 1996 as a provider of wholesale operator services and inmate telephone services, NCIC now offers the correction industry Inmate Call Engine (I.C.E.), the latest technology in call control platforms. This technology allows service providers to manage multiple facilities from one central location, dramatically improving reliability and effectively reducing costs.

NCIC’s I.C.E. platform provides cutting-edge features that were previously cost-prohibitive to small facilities, while offering carrier-grade reliability to even the largest inmate facilities. The Total Inmate Phone Solution utilizes coinless pay phones and connects to I.C.E. via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). With this complete system, we guarantee no fraud and revenue sharing for all calls. The system also includes Web-reporting and access to call recordings at no cost to the jail or local government.

While many of the large inmate telephone providers have quietly disappeared from the market, NCIC has maintained steady growth while creating reasonable call pricing for inmates and their families.

NCIC provides excellent inmate phone services and will enhance your telecom revenues to their maximum potential due to a larger variety of billing options. Whether a federal detention facility or a single cell jail, NCIC will ensure that your needs, as well as those of your end users, are met or even exceeded with exemplary customer service.

NCIC offers a full range of inmate telephone features such as international collect calling, 24-hour coverage with multi-lingual customer service representatives, fraud protection, a complete resume’ of direct phone company billing agreements and full security features to provide the maximum assurance that your inmate calls are under complete control. Additionally, the convenience, reliability and accuracy of NCIC’s Internet-based reporting giving you full management of alarms, call detail and revenues on a real-time basis.

Finally, NCIC is the first full-carrier centralized platform utilizing fully redundant Taqua iX 7000 Class 5 switches and a cluster of Asterisk VoIP switches capable of handling over 120,000 calls simultaneously giving you the network power to get the job done right.

Our Inmate Phone Service Solution is designed for existing inmate phone service providers and for those interested in providing phone service to inmate facilities. You provide the contacts, phones, and on-location service. We provide tariffs, billing and collection services, validation, customer service, long distance (carrier cost), and a next-generation centralized Inmate Platform (I.C.E.).