NCIC Inmate Telephone Services



The Briefcase organizes call records and recordings into folders (briefcases) to assist in jail investigations.  The grid displays all calls in the selected briefcase.

Primary Features

Choose a folder (or Briefcase) by clicking on the Folder dropdown field to select a folder.  The grid displays all calls and recordings in the selected folder/briefcase.  Sort the records using column headings.  Filter the records using the filter row in the grid. 

Create and Delete folders by clicking on the Folder field dropdown arrow and then clicking either the New or Delete hyperlink. 

Empty a folder by clicking on the Empty Folder button.  All calls are removed from the folder.  The calls still exist in I.C.E.. 

Download the call recordings.  The 3 buttons in the task bar provide the types of downloads available. 

  • Download as Single ZIP file: Downloads all call recordings in the briefcase to one zip file containing multiple call recordings (files) in .wav format. 
  • Download as Wav file(s):  Downloads each call recording in the briefcase into a .wav file. 
  • Download as MP3 file(s):   Downloads each call recording in the briefcase into an MP3 file.

Notes:  A hyperlink which allows users to create, edit or export a note which is then permanently added to the call’s record and stored with the call recording.  A bold hyperlink indicates a note exists. A note created in the briefcase tab updates the original record not just the copy that exists in the briefcase.