NCIC Inmate Telephone Services

I.C.E (Inmate Call Engine)

I.C.E. Inmate Phone System Overview

Inmate Calling Engine (ICE) provides industry standard call control and fraud prevention features for all call types including international collect calling to Mexico, El Salvador, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

ICE is a centralized call switching and computing system, which connects the inmate phones over a VOIP network and not the less secure Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This is an important security distinction as many ITS' connect the inmate phones to the PSTN through a local line. Legacy inmate systems provided on-site computing and call switching, requiring plenty of space and regular on-site maintenance. Second generation inmate systems moved the computing infrastructure to a central location but the call switching remained local and inmate phones were connected directly to the PSTN, rendering them less-secure than Legacy systems. State of the Art platforms, like ICE, provide all computing and call switching at a central location and connect the inmate phones to a data network not the PSTN.

The centralized switching platform is located in our Longview, Texas data center with Dallas-based data center as a backup. The architecture uses a highly reliable and redundant architecture employing an Asterisks based Telecommunication Server arrays with RAID-5 disk arrays in a well-managed data center. All calls are recorded and copied to Iron Mountain which places a copy in two geographically diverse data storage centers.

The user interface was written using standard Web tools. This means the software can be accessed over the internet. No software has to be installed at a facility to configure the system, print or view reports or listen to calls. This means no upgrades and no compatibility issues.

I.C.E. Highlighted Features