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NCIC Inmate Prepaid Collect

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Note: Before calling, please make sure we are the phone service provider for the facility you are needing to be setup with.

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NCIC Refund Policy for Credit Card Transactions:

Customers are all provided with NCIC's toll free number on their credit card statement which will direct them to our in-house customer service center. A live customer service representative (CSR) will assist customers upon obtaining information such as the date and time of the phone call in question, where the phone call originated, destination phone number, the length of time that was spent on the call and the amount being billed to the credit card.

If a customer has a dispute in reference to the charge billed, the CSR will review the specific issue (rates, call did not connect, there was a bad connection, etc…) and nature of the complaint and will provide data to support the call(s). In the event the call indeed did not connect or the rates were billed incorrectly the call(s) will be corrected and credited back to the cardholder immediately. The CSR will provide the customer with the facts and offer to satisfy them to the best of their ability.

NCIC prides itself in being a great operator service provider and will work with our customer(s) to always ensure their satisfaction. If at anytime a customer is not satisfied with the assistance provided to them by a CSR they can request to speak to a supervisor who will patiently work with them to answer their question or resolve their complaint.

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